Childish Gambino, a.k.a. Donald Glover, isn't happy with the way Glassnote Records is handling the release of his latest single.

Yesterday the music video for Sweatpants was released via his Deep Web Tour blog. The video features the rapper walking through a diner and having a Groundhog Day episode of recurrences. While Glover wouldn't describe why, he appeared furious in a series of tweets following the video's release.

He wrote over nine posts, "So this sweatpants video and blog was important to us. And it wasn't handled correctly. We were told a lot of things were gonna happen and they were all lies. So I'm done. Someone buy me out of this contract.

"A lot of people came around after our first week sales. All those people are welcome now. Def Jam, Atlantic, whatever. I don't like record companies. But I'm not having another project go through this.

"Don't lie to me. I know I'm not loud, or outrageous, or a white girl with a big ass, but I'm f—kin honest. My team is honest. You're not on my team if You're not honest. Don't lie to me."

Glover is currently wrapping up his Deep Web Tour on the West Coast.