Gay country star Chely Wright is opening a new community center for "confused" teens wishing to learn more about their sexuality.
The hitmaker, who publicly came out in 2007, has launched philanthropic organization Like Me to help stomp out bullying and promote understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.
And now singer/activist Wright is working with charity officials to build a recreational center in Kansas City, Missouri, which will provide resources for those needing support.
She says, "A lot of parents who don't want their kids to be gay will say, 'They're just confused'. But sometimes that's not the case. Sometimes the case is that the kid isn't actually confused - it's that they're gay. The kid is trying to say, 'Mom, dad, I think I'm gay.'
"Parents need to journey forward and take that step to go to the Lighthouse, which is a great resource now for parents, and seek out books and counselling... The parent needs to be the parent."
Wright will mark The Lighthouse center's official opening during a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday and she'll later take the stage with actor Alan Cumming and a handful of other celebrities for a benefit show to raise money for the venue.