The CBS "nerd-com" The Big Bang Theory clued the viewer in on what to expect right from the get-go by naming its two main characters "Sheldon" and "Leonard" (though all resemblance to the famous gangster actor-turned-TV producer ended right there!) They are both brilliant physicists, living together in a technology-cluttered apartment, and spend their free time with a circle of fellow geeks from Cal Tech.

And, need we add, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) are despite their hyper-intelligence hopelessly "backward" on a social level; after all, it isn't easy to pick up girls when the only things you know how to talk about are isotopes and video games.

Our heroes are thrown for a mobius strip when the incredibly beautiful and voluptuous Penny (Kaley Cuoco), a recent divorcee, moves into the apartment next door. Fascinated by the two "Beautiful Mind Guys", Penny decides to hang around with Sheldon and Leonard whenever possible. Having seldom been in such close proximity to a genuinely gorgeous girl, Leonard is anxious to make a few moves (assuming he knows any!), but Sheldon, perpetually unlucky in love, keeps his distance, convinced that he'd only have his heart broken again.

Occasionally dropping in for the random punchline are the boys' college pals, the loquacious Howard (Simon Helberg) and the virtually mute Rajesh (Kunai Nayyar).