Jimmy Bobo is a New Orleans hitman and Taylor Kwan is a Washington D.C. detective. After their respective partners are murdered by the same man, the two form an alliance to bring down the killer in "Bullet to the Head."

Via Evan Crean from Starpulse: Alessandro Camon’s verbal exchanges about race, technology, and police procedure between career criminal Bonomo (Sylvester Stallone) and uptight cop Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang) hark back to classic 80s buddy cop films.

Kwon wants to go by the book every step of the way, while Bonomo is only interested in dispensing hot lead street justice. Watching their polar opposite personalities bounce off each other is hilarious.

Even though Stallone sounds like a dumb jock, he proves in “Bullet to the Head” that he really can pull off quips like “Are we gonna fight, or are you gonna bore me to death?” for serious laughs. He also surprises by taking on film noir style narration in this picture. 

On top of the 80s buddy cop dynamic, “Bullet to the Head” has the aesthetic and story of gritty revenge flick from the 70s. Walter Hill’s film mixes the best of both worlds to create an entertaining action picture with personality. It has a crime-ridden city for its setting and mismatched partners, just like other police movies, plus it involves cold-blooded revenge seeking that would make Charles Bronson proud.

In fact, the film probably could have been called “Bullets to the Head” for all the headshots used to dispatch enemies.