In Pixar's new animated film "Brave," an impetuous princess (played by Kelly MacDonald) discovers that a reckless decision puts both her family and her father's kingdom in peril.

The film hit theaters on Friday but won't cross the Atlantic to England until August 17.

In the film, a young Merida witnesses her father, King Fergus (Billy Connolly), battle one of the fiercest animals in the kingdom - a scarred bear named Mordu. Fergus loses his leg defending his family, who manage to escape the beast before it vanished back into the forest.

Years later, beautiful princess Merida becomes a skilled archer with many suitors vying for her hand. But Merida has little interest in marriage, despite her mother's pushing.

When the tournament for her hand gets under way and a deep divide opens between mother and daughter, Merida makes a wish that threatens the future of both her family and the entire kingdom.

With only a brief window of time to set things right, Merida must summon the courage to atone for her mistake and prevent a past tragedy from destroying any hope for a peaceful future.