When legions of Kaiju rose from the sea, they launched a long and crippling war against humanity. Humans created massive, pilot-operated robots called Jaegers in an effort to defeat their monstrous assailants, but their defenses cannot hold.

Nearing defeat, two unlikely candidates are teamed up in a seemingly obsolete model of Jaeger to make one last stand for all humankind.

Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, and Charlie Day star.

According to one of our Starpulse film critics, "The film is all about the special effects and they are spectacular. In fact, the visuals are so spectacular that they make it worth the price of admission - especially if you are a teenage boy or a gamer."

Another critic wrote that the film is "the BEST giant-robots-fighting-things flick of all time...The picture’s exemplary special effects, editing, camerawork, and implementation of 3D cooperate to create a miraculous, yet convincing world where humans pilot massive mechanical men to combat mammoth monsters."