Lucas Till stars in one of the creepiest webisodes this Halloween season on FearNET. While this Disney heartthrob is known best for playing Miley Cyrus' love interest

in Hannah Montana: The Movie, Till opts for a different role in a Fear Clinic exclusive: Hydrophobia!

Lucas plays a traumatized young man named Brett, whose biggest fear is one of the most common things on earth: water. While attending Fear Clinic, Brett is forced to take hallucinogens and face his fear. Once in the vault, Brett starts to envision some of the most frightening images you would have to see to believe!

Want to know more? Guess you'll just have to find out for yourself! That is, if you're not too… scared!

Check out this Fear Clinic episode and more, this week, on FearNET!

Story by Vanessa Mujica

Starpulse contributing writer