Meet cutting edge therapist Dr. Elizabeth Goode. She's brash, unconventional, judgmental, but undeniably thriving as the therapist to Hollywood's maladjusted celebrity elite. Boldly brandishing her own unique mental insight and technique, Dr. Goode's days have rapidly become filled with a literal "who's who" from the world of entertainment, sports and music.

Having recently moved her practice to Los Angeles, Dr. Goode currently shares office space with philistine Freudian shrink, Dr. Myron Finkelstein, whose own practice is floundering due to a rash of recent patient suicides. He is more than a little intrigued about Dr. Goode's methods if for no other reason than he may draw a few of those waiting patients onto his hopelessly vacant couch. Secretary Lola Buckingham runs the quaint but busy office whilst attempting to teach the boundary-less Finkelstein a little celebrity etiquette.

Starz gets into celebrity psyche with Head Case, an original comedy series scheduled to air April 18. Celebrities filling the pages of her burgeoning appointment book in her first year of practice include Fred Willard, Tom Sizemore, Alanis Morrisette, Jason Priestley, Ione Skye, Sean Hayes, Ralph Macchio, Jane Kaczmarek, Jennifer Finnigan, Andy Dick, Jonathan Silverman, Liz Phair, Willie Garson.

In some circles, Dr. Goode's unusual brand of therapy could be deemed a little eccentric and somewhat strange, but judging by her patient Rolodex and recent rumor of an impending book, Premiere magazine's Most Powerful Women in Hollywood has a new contender Dr. Elizabeth Goode.