In "Sorceror," an American oil company located in a South American looks for drivers to haul nitroglycerine over the rugged terrain. Four expatriated men who have nothing to lose take on the job, for which they'll each be given $10,000 and the reward of legal citizenship if they live.

Roy Scheider (Jaws), Bruno Cremer (Under the Sun), Francisco Rabal (Dagon) and Amidou (Ronin) star in the William Friedkin directed film.

The cult suspense thriller that has been largely overlooked since its 1977 release will make its Blu-ray debut on April 22, 2014.

"Sorcerer" is derived from the same Georges Arnaud novel that inspired Henri-Georges Clouzot's 1953 French classic, "The Wages of Fear."

"Sorceror" screened at the Venice 70th International Film Festival, and Friedkin was presented with the Golden Lion Award for Lifetime Achievement.

The film has been remastered by Warner Bros., under Friedkin’s supervision along with colorist Bryan McMahan who has worked with the director since 1994.