For more than a decade the south has imparted unique gifts of music, dance and style to hip-hop culture. Atlanta, Houston, Miami and New Orleans have consistently stood out as premier hot spots; cultivating some of the best and brightest stars to ever shine in the spotlight. Following in that tradition is Atlanta’s latest hip-hop sensation Born Husslers, Inc. Helmed by producer and rapper K-Rab, the originator of the wildly contagious "snap" music, BHI is a motley crew of four of today’s most outstanding MC’s.

BHI signed to Lil’ Jon’s BME Recordings and Warner Bros. Records through K-Rab’s Strictly Bizness Records in early 2006. The highly publicized deal was solidified shortly after K-Rab received worldwide recognition for his ground-breaking instrumental composition of fellow Atlanta based group D4L’s smash record "Laffy Taffy." As the recognized creator of "snap" music, K-Rab’s unparalleled style of production has ushered in a party sound that innovatively includes percussion finger snaps along with catchy lyrical chants and adlibs. Having a history not only as a producer, but as a hip-hop artist as well, it only made sense that K-Rab‘s first release from Strictly Bizness would be his group, BHI.

Check out their hot new video for their hit "Do It, Do It (Pool Palace)" featuring Lil' Jon.

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