Tabitha. Shelby. Lisa. They're longtime friends on separate life paths in the film "Amusement." But they share a horrific destination when a seemingly innocent incident from their school days comes back to terrify them.

Something - someone - wants payback: warped vengeance... mind-games... vengeance...taunting, shredding, slashing vengeance. Inside a stone-walled chamber of prison cells and mechanisms of doom, the three women and other victims face a fierce fight to survive. Who lives? Who dies? It's all for someone's Amusement.

From screenwriter Jake Wade Wall (The Hitcher) and director John Simpson (Freeze Frame) comes a new film foray into horror. Turn down the lights. Turn up the fear.

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Amusement comes to DVD January 20. Make your own Amusement box and send it to a friend! Upload your photo and turn yourself into a creepy clown by selecting your own backgrounds, make-up, text and more. Send it to a friend, crank the box, and see what happens…Visit to check it out.