Eddie Murphy stars in "A Thousand Words," a comedy about a smooth-talking man who discovers that he has only 1,000 words left to speak before dying.

Murphy plays Jack McCall, a fast-talking literary agent who can close a deal anytime and anywhere. When a New Age guru comes into his life, McCall is in for a big surprise.

Dr. Sinja (Cliff Curtis) is responsible for a Bodhi tree magically appearing in McCall's backyard. The more McCall speaks, the more leaves that fall from the tree. McCall quickly realizes when the last leaf falls, both he and the tree will die.

McCall winds up finding some outrageous ways to communicate, but he can't escape his fate. With merely 1,000 words left, he discovers what matters most in life.

Kerry Washington, Allison Janney, Clarke Duke, Jack McBrayer and John Witherspoon also star.