Singer/actress Charlyne Yi is using comedy to help get over her split from longtime boyfriend Michael Cera - laughing with late night TV audiences while she performed a "sad" song about their break-up.

Yi is still recovering after her actor beau of three years dumped her last month, and took the opportunity to open up about their split on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien on Monday night.

The Knocked Up star introduced a tune on her electric guitar, telling the audience: "It's kind of a sad song about my boyfriend breaking up with me. What can you do about it? Write a song about it... and try to win him back."

However Yi, who did not mention Cera by name, was quick to get a belly-laugh from viewers after her heartbroken opening.

Pointing to an anonymous man in the crowd, she added: "This is for you. Oh yeah, I didn't write any words because the truth is, no words could express for how much I miss you."

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