Welsh singer Charlotte Church has parted ways with her record label, just a year after announcing the $3 million deal.

The "Crazy Chick" hitmaker signed with Power Amp Music in 2010 after a five-year career break, which saw her give birth to two children.

Church's latest album, "Back To Scratch," failed to set the charts alight in Britain, scraping in at number 23, and it has now been revealed the singer has split from the label, amid rumors of a dispute over how best to promote her music.

Her spokesperson tells Britain's Mail on Sunday, "All I can really say, because of the confidentiality issues, is that it was in Charlotte's financial interests to do so before the agreement entered the second year of its term.

"This is typical for these type of deals, which are investment deals rather than record deals. I can also say that the decision to terminate the term early, which suited both parties, was made well before the commercial release of the album."

A representative for the label adds, "It didn't work out with Charlotte and that's fair enough. There was no falling out. It was a mutual decision. They decided to exit the deal."