A source linked to Charlize Theron was forced to refute rumors claiming the actress was getting cozy with Luke Grimes, the actor who snagged a coveted role in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Life & Style previously reported a source spotted the two getting hot and heavy.  "She had her hand on his knee at one point. Charlize then seductively led him onto the dance floor and he put his hands around her waist."

Star magazine piled on, claiming the two sent flirty text messages to one another.

It’s safe to say ladies may soon be swooning for the up-and-coming actor once he stars in the sexy role as Elliot Grey, the brother of Christian Grey (played by Jamie Dornan) – but Charlize is not one of them.

A source tells Gossip Cop, “None of it is true,” also shooting down recent rumors claiming Theron was dating Keanu Reeves.