Charlie Sheen is winning, apparently. (Never mind that he would like to forget that kind of vocabulary.) His return to TV in ‘Anger Management’ posted 5.5 million viewers in its first episode. That marks cable’s most watched sitcom premiere. A second episode drew 5.7 million viewers.

Over on the top broadcast networks, NBC had a good week. Not only did it score the top three programs (all ‘America’s Got Talent’) but it did well with the U.S. Olympic Trials. Eight editions of that program made the Top 20, meaning NBC had more shows in the Top 20 than any other network. Your guess is as good as ours as to the last time that happened.

CBS was typically strong, buoyed by repeats of ‘NCIS’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ to name a couple. And ABC’s fortunes seem to be tied to ‘The Bachelorette,’ by far the network’s highest rated show of the week. ‘Wipeout’ also performed admirably.

Here’s a look at the Top 20:

1. “America’s Got Talent” (Tuesday), NBC, 11.67 million.

2. “America’s Got Talent” (Wednesday), NBC, 10.66 million.

3. “America’s Got Talent” (Monday), NBC, 10.45 million.

4. “U.S. Olympic Trials” (Sunday, 9 p.m.), NBC, 10.02 million.

5. “60 Minutes,” CBS, 8.44 million.

6. “NCIS,” CBS, 8.0 million.

7. “U.S. Olympic Trials” (Sunday, 8 p.m.), NBC, 7.87 million.

8. “U.S. Olympic Trials” (Friday, 9 p.m.), NBC, 7.79 million.

9. “The Big Bang Theory,” CBS, 7.7 million.

10. “U.S. Olympic Trials” (Wednesday, 9 p.m.), NBC, 7.09 million.

11. “The Bachelorette,” ABC, 7.03 million.

12. “U.S. Olympic Trials” (Tuesday, 8 p.m.), NBC, 6.96 million.

13. “U.S. Olympic Trials” (Monday, 8 p.m.), NBC, 6.93 million.

14. “U.S. Olympic Trials” (Saturday, 9 p.m.), NBC, 6.54 million.

15. “Person of Interest,” CBS, 6.53 million.

16. “Criminal Minds,” CBS, 6.5 million.

17. “NCIS: Los Angeles,” CBS, 6.42 million.

18. “The Mentalist,” CBS, 6.27 million.

19. “U.S. Olympic Trials” (Thursday, 8 p.m.), NBC, 6.2 million.

20. “Wipeout” (Thursday), ABC, 6.16 million.