Here we go again - Charlie Sheen is going back to rehab. Not so shocking news, but break out the large flannel button-downs and spin your favorite Nirvana record because it's starting to feel like the 90s!

Charlie is one of Hollywood's most infamous bad boys and is arguably known more for his hard-partying ways and multiple trips to rehab than his roles in blockbuster films like "Major League" or "Platoon."  But then fortunately, or unfortunately depending on the celebrity news outlets, his people insisted he clean up his act.  One of his first trips to rehab in 1990 was a result of a family intervention.  When your family intervention includes father Martin Sheen (the former President on West Wing) and brother Emilio Estevez (THE mightiest of ducks), it seems inevitable that the event included a red carpet, acceptance speeches, and lots of free gift baskets.

Charlie successfully completed a 30-day rehab stint, but the kudos didn't last for long.  After remaining sober for one year, Charlie, according to an interview he gave to TV Guide, celebrated his 365 days of sobriety by drinking at Nicholas Cage's house on day 366.  Only the finest Coppola wine could destroy a year of sobriety for Charlie!

Fast forward another eight years, add in 24 of Heidi Fleiss's best prostitutes, Major League 2, and, you get the drill, Charlie is forced to go back to rehab after a drug overdose nearly killed him.

Now it's 2010 and one thing appears to remain constant, Charlie is again struggling with addiction and is headed back to rehab.  In all fairness, according to TMZ his rep claims that this third trip to rehab is "voluntary" and "preventative."  Sort of like taking the family car for its 60,000 mile check up - standard stuff really. It all sounds relatively boring for the Charlie Sheen spectrum of scandal, but enter wife Brooke Mueller who is also allegedly in rehab, and Charlie is back in full force.

Radaronline has reported that Brooke has a crack addiction, and this isn't her first time battling controlled substances.  Sounds like Charlie has met his veritable rehab match. Charlie and Brooke's trouble seemed to reach its breaking point this past Christmas when Brooke called 911 and said Charlie threatened to kill her with a knife. Charlie was smacked with a restraining order. The good news is that reconciliation seems to be in the air as Brooke's camp tried to get the restraining order dropped so that they could reconcile. Her attempts were unsuccessful, which is unfortunate because maybe they could have gotten clean together.

Charlie just needs to move on from rehab despite the nostalgic feelings it conjures up. Charlie and Brooke make a strong case for the couple most in need of a good spring cleaning. The two of them together are like the American version of Amy Winehouse and Blake Civil. Just think of all those valentine's days cards now: "The couple that rehabs together, stays together." Copyright Starpulse!