Sorry ladies, Channing Tatum is taken. He married his Step Up leading lady Jenna Dewan. Even though he’s still playing young guys in movies like this weekend’s The Eagle, Tatum says marriage makes him feel like a grown-up for the first time in his life.

“I really love saying that I’m married,” Tatum said. “I love saying ‘my wife.’ I don't think I’ve ever felt grown up and I think it’s sort of a rite of passage for me to feel like a grown up and responsible.”

The Eagle is an ancient battle movie with lots of stunts. Marriage hasn’t taken away Tatum’s edge. He still likes to do his own stunts. That’s not the grown-up part he’s talking about.

“Even just me, it’s helped me grow up a little bit. Not so much like I’m doing it because I’m married but I feel a little more mature and a little more mortal I guess. Yeah, I do think of certain things. It’s more affects how I act in my normal life than it does me in movies because it’s so safe.”

You may get to see Tatum and Dewan together again on screen. They’d like to find another dance movie, but since Step Up was such a phenomenon, it has to be more than just dancing.

“I actually would really like to do sort of a fantastical dansical type thing,” Tatum said. “Me and Jenna keep trying to create one in our heads. We always come back to the greats, the Alice in Wonderlands and the Peter Pan type things but I don't know. It’s got to be something good. It can’t be just a dance movie to be a dance movie. It’s got to have some amount of a greater story.”


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