Movie hunk Channing Tatum has taken to wearing a piece of string on his ring finger after a prop mistress lost his wedding band.

The G.I. Joe star hasn't had a chance to replace the ring and his wife Jenna Dewan insists he wears "a reminder" - so Tatum has tied a piece of string around his finger.

He says, "During the first few takes of the morning, I forgot I had it (ring) on. You got to take it off and put it in your pocket and I thought, 'That's probably a very bad idea because I don't have a very good memory.'

"I was like, 'Hey, can you hold this for me?' and she (prop girl) put it half way on because it was really cold... It slipped off and it was not found."

Fun fact: Tatum once bared all as a male stripper four nights a week at a Florida club called Joy.



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