He was the guy who took the training wheels off our bikes, let us jump off the top of the fridge when Mom wasn't looking, and the one whose admiration and respect was hard earned and beyond gratifying.

For the lucky majority, Father's Day is an opportunity to express what we usually fail to: how much the guidance of a paternal figure has touched our lives for the better. But what of the unlucky few for whom the idea of Father's Day is a kick in the ribs? Which stars won't be buying a tie, power tools or steak dinner for the old man come June 15?

Christina Aguilera:

In early June 2007, Fausto Aguilera confirmed his pop-star daughter's pregnancy, telling Life & Style magazine, "I'm so excited. I wish her all the happiness in the world." Touching - if you count out the fact that the former US Army Sergeant has been estranged from his daughter for years, having been accused of abuse towards Christina's mother, Shelly. Though Christina admits to sadness on her wedding day - "When it came time to walk down the aisle, I was shaking, and I realized how amazing it would've felt to have a man holding my arm to give me away to this next man in my life" - she also celebrates the fact that she chose her own husband Jordan Bratman in part because of the kind of father he would be. Now that the two are doting parents to Max Liron (born January 2008) she has little time to contemplate her own fractured relationship. Sometimes what a girl wants is not always what she gets; but if you're lucky like Christina, you'll end up with what you need.

Tatum O'Neal:

The relationship between Tatum & Ryan O'Neal has crumbled more easily than an actual Paper Moon. When Tatum became the youngest person ever to win an Academy Award (at age 10) her famous father (Love Story) was not in attendance when she took the podium. Jealousy was just one of the inflammatory accusations Tatum leveled at Ryan in her autobiography "A Paper Life." Charges of physical and emotional abuse, as well as an alleged illicit affair Ryan had with Tatum's good friend (a teenaged Melanie Griffith), prompted the elder O'Neal to remark, "It is a sad day when malicious lies are told in order to become a bestseller." In the wake of Tatum's current crisis - an arrest for purchasing crack cocaine - and factoring in Ryan's son Redmond's own drug and legal issues, it may be a sad Father's Day for Ryan O'Neal, indeed.

Beyonce Knowles:

Though Matthew Knowles has denied being fired as manager by his pop-sensation daughter after a scandal broke about his alleged "relationship" with one of her back-up dancers, both acknowledge that their professional relationship has taken a toll on their personal one. In an interview with Giant Magazine, Beyonce revealed that nasty fights occurred when, "I'd say 'no' to something and he'd book it anyway. Then I'd have to do it because I'd look bad (if I didn't)." Beyonce even recorded her last album B'day without his knowledge and approval, a move that strained things further. A friend of the singer revealed to the New York Daily News that Beyonce and her father "don't have the greatest relationship. but he's still working for her." Looks like Beyonce will show as much love to Father's Day as daddy dearest did to her B'day.

Angelina Jolie:

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight (Midnight Cowboy) is destined to keep repeating the same mistakes: Insert foot in mouth. Apologize. Repeat. The longstanding rift between Angie and Jon seemed on the mend back in the 90s until he publicly proclaimed - around the time she was attempting to adopt baby boy Maddox - that his daughter had "serious mental problems." Iceberg ahead! Jolie ignored his repeated televised pleas for reconciliation until recently when Jolie revealed to The Sydney Morning Herald that the frost between she and Voight was beginning to thaw once again. So why their inclusion on this list? Check out a recent comment Voight made to People magazine last week: "She looks very happy now," Voight trilled before adding, "And very heavy!" Jon, take a word of advice: Spend Father's Day getting your jaw wired shut.

Lindsay Lohan:

Michael Lohan must have attended parenting lessons at the Jon Voight School of Loose lips. Recently released from the clink after 20 months behind bars for drunk driving, "reformed" hothead Lohan has wasted no time airing his dirty family laundry in public. Deciding his interference in Lindsay's career and arrest for assaulting her maternal uncle weren't embarrassing enough, Michael continuously appears on primetime tabloid shows to discuss his famously troubled daughter. Claiming he's found religion, Michael says he's "praying" for reconciliation. Page Six reported in March that Lindsay broke her silence with her father, only to tell him, "You still haven't changed." There's still hope for Father's Day if Michael does more praying - and less talking.

Macauley Culkin:

John Hughes wrote child-star Macauley's mega-hit Home Alone with the young star in mind, but nobody could have scripted anything more dramatic than his actual reality. Macauley's alcoholic father Kit became his manager after the blockbuster and made his mark as one of Hollywood's most overbearing "stage fathers" ever. Kit committed Macauley to movies without consulting him, made outrageous demands on set and wouldn't allow Culkin to make a public statement in good friend Michael Jackson's defense when first accused of molestation in 1993. "I still wish I had," Macauley says today. Fourteen when his parents separated, McCauley sued his folks for control of his fortune, paid off his mother's debts and turned his back once and for all on Kit. Macauley made every attempt to be The Good Son - shame his father didn't reciprocate.

James McAvoy:

The Wanted actor's name seems to be the only thing he shares with his father, a roofer in Glasgow, Scotland. The notoriously private star said he "can't be bothered" with a relationship with James McAvoy Sr., who insists the end of his once-close relationship with Jr. was not his choice. How then to explain the fact that the original McAvoy hasn't spoken to his boy for 21 years? His excuse is that his son didn't take to his new girlfriend so, "In the end I took a step back rather than upset him." James the younger rejects his father's sob story, maintaining cryptically, "I know what happened and I know what didn't happen." Despite the actual truth, it sadly seems that no amount of Atonement on the part of the father will ever appease the son.

Kate Hudson:

When Ryder was born, Goldie Hawn's actress daughter (Almost Famous) christened him Ryder Russell for her "papa" Kurt Russell. Slightly awkward: No homage was paid to Hudson's biological father, Bill Hudson of the 70's band the Hudson Brothers. He and Goldie divorced when Kate was still a toddler, and she and her brother Oliver Hudson were raised by Goldie and Kurt. It's no wonder Kate hasn't exactly been eager to forge a bond with Hudson, who once told a publication, "I have yet to see my grandchild. But then again, you know the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree." Below the belt! Despite reports the two are cordial, Kate maintains her bio dad "doesn't know me from a hole in the wall". Knockout.

Lance Armstrong:

Among his achievements - winning the Tour de France seven consecutive times and beating testicular cancer - perhaps the most fortitude Armstrong has shown has been his steadfast refusal to acknowledge his deadbeat dad, Eddie Gunderson. Not only did Gunderson walk out on Lance's teenage mother when the elite athlete was still in diapers, but he admits to hoping Lance wouldn't win his first Tour in 1999. "I was his worst supporter," Gunderson has said. "I didn't want him to win at all." That's nothing: Gunderson has also admitted that he forgot all about his son for many years! Then, after recognizing him one day on television, Gunderson still "didn't really have any great desire to see him again." What are the odds that Lance will spend Father's Day with the man he refers to "the DNA donor"?

Benji & Joel Madden:

In celebration of Father's Day, let's end the list on a hopeful note: The twin musicians from band Good Charlotte recently begin a reconciliation process with their estranged father Roger Combs after 10 years. Combs, a recovering alcoholic, walked out on his family then returned - only to walk out again, this time on Christmas Eve. The twins subsequently changed their surnames and their attitudes about their papa, until Joel became a father himself to baby Harlow (with Nicole Richie). Roger has since met Nicole, held his new granddaughter and says candidly, "My kids were mad at me, and I don't blame them. We are good today, and that's all that matters."

Happy Father's Day.

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Story by Shannon Peace
Starpulse contributing writer