Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams, Senator John McCain, funny-man Larry David, and humanitarian Oprah Winfrey have one very important thing in common this holiday season: they're putting themselves up for auction. From walk-on roles and set visits to poker games and power-lunches, these celebrities and many others are offering exclusive experiences to help support the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Auction. The auction, which closes on Monday Dec. 19, aims to raise funds and awareness for the Memorial's international human rights and social justice work.

Chaired by founding board member, Ethel Kennedy, friends, colleagues and supporters of the Memorial have come together to show their support for the organization's important work by auctioning some incredibly unique items and experiences -- just in time for the holidays. "This is a great way to do your holiday shopping -- no one else will have it and your gift will help human rights activists around the globe," says Mrs. Kennedy.

With experiences ranging from "A visit to the set of The West Wing followed by lunch with the producer" to "Power-lunch with straight-talking Senator, John McCain" there is sure to be something for everyone on your list. Some other exciting lots that are sure to please include:

* Meet golf legend, Greg Norman at the 2006 Franklin Templeton Shootout Prize Package in Naples Florida.

* Play poker with Larry David, fish with Kenneth Cole and water ski with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Martha's Vineyard.

* Lunch for 2 with beloved award winning actor Robin Williams on the set of an upcoming film.

* Enjoy a VIP tour of Fenway Park, watch batting practice from the field and then the game from the dugout.

* Make your big screen debut with a walk on role on 'Reign O'er Me,' Mike Binder's upcoming film staring Adam Sandler.

Proceeds will benefit The Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, a non-profit organization that works to realize RFK's dream of a peaceful and just world through domestic and international programs working to empower the disadvantaged and oppressed through supporting our next generation of leaders and tackling the toughest problems facing our society. For more information, visit the website www.charityfolks.com.