Think back to the summer jobs you had growing up. It was probably a time before you really needed money, needed a job that would look good on your resume, or prepared you for your career. Summer jobs in high school and college are for pocket money to pay for movies and illicit six packs that your older sibling buys - the essentials for good summer living.

The upcoming film "Adventureland" is a trip down nostalgia lane, and not only because it's about a guy who just graduated college and has no idea where his life is going who takes a less-than-stimulating amusement park job. Set in 1987, it's sure to be chockful of all sorts of bad 80's fashion.

Jesse Eisenberg, who was so great in the Squid and the Whale, is James, who is not qualified for manual labor and looking for some sort of direction. Kristen Stewart is a fellow Adventureland employee; when you're a sort-of loser and virgin, there's always a bewitching, yet troubled, girl.

A quirky and lovable cast of characters, including SNLers Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, Martin Starr (Superbad, Knocked Up, Freaks and Geeks) and Ryan Reynolds, the film will have you wishing for summer, running to the nearest amusement park, and reminiscing about the bad corn dogs that you used to eat in your youth.

As the film's trailer states, "The worst job ever might just lead to the best time of his life."

Thoughts of summer jobs inevitably leads to thoughts of how our favorite celebs used to while away their summers before they started spending them in the pages of US Weekly. Here are a few faves:

John Krasinski - You know how there was always that really cute counselor that you lusted after? For many young girls, that was probably Office star John Krasinski at Camp Chickami in Boston. I'd like to sit around the campfire with him!

Orlando Bloom - Orlando Bloom may not look too tough, but he started out working on a shooting range as a clay trapper, launching clay discs for people to shoot at. That experience probably came in handy when he had to shoot Brad Pitt's Achilles heel in Troy!

Lindsay Lohan - It's hard to believe that there was a time when Lindsay Lohan was considered a safe bet. And there was once upon a time when mothers trusted her with their children, as Lohan once told People magazine. Lilo the babysitter? Well, she does seem to be in need of work.

Eva Mendes - Eva Mendes is generally regarded as a hot dish. Back in the day, she was preparing hot dishes at Glendale Galleria's Hot Dog on a Stick. Can you imagine Eva Mendes asking you if you'd like a cold lemonade with your dog? That's an easy sell.

Beyonce Knowles - Her alter ego may be Sasha Fierce, but Beyonce is a good girl at heart who listens to her mama. Back in the day, Beyonce wielded a broom, sweeping up hair at her mother's Houston hair salon and manning the reception desk. You've got to trust a salon that has Beyonce's long and luscious locks as the first thing you see when you enter.

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Story by Ariel Vered contributing writer