Selena Gomez shared a poolside selfie in a bikini top on Monday afternoon with the caption "soy valiente," which translates to "I'm brave."

We're not quite sure what Selena meant with her caption, perhaps it has something to do with getting back together with Justin Bieber. Certainly it can't have anything to do with showing off her body in another bikini -- after all, last month she shared a bikini shot with the message, "Taking my power back.. can't wait to show you where I've been."

The singer/actress also shared an image from her doctor's office, writing, "Fabulously/intensely dealing with sinus problems. Clearly."

British model Cara Delevingne has also been posting away at her Instagram page, sharing some risque photos this week, beginning with some strategically placed props to hide her girlie parts and then covering up with her hands while in Bali.

Flip through the photos above and see them all, indcluding shots of Jessica Simpson giving visual proof that Weight Watchers really works, Kelly Osbourne's 'bum' in a thong, Katy Perry meeting Vice President Joe Biden and Vanessa Hudgens enjoying a waterfall in Kaua'i.

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