It's not easy buying that special someone a present that they'll love and cherish forever, so imagine having to find the perfect gift for someone who seems to have everything. Celebrities, like any of us, love the joyous festivities of holidays, such as birthdays and baby showers. However, what do Hollywood's finest receive from their families, friends, and co-stars on those memorable events worth partying for?

From skincare products to Swarvoski-encrusted accessories, shopping for a famous friend isn't hard, and it doesn't involve buying a Lamborghini Diablo or a mansion on the Hills. Celebrities love their cakes, couture, and customized jewelry, and for those ready to pull out the plastic, we've tracked down some of this year's most popular presents that'll make anyone feel like a star.

Make it Personal
You're not a celebrity unless you're always decked out in bling. When it comes to celebrating any special day, jewelry is a surefire way to make any star light up. However, if it isn't made for that special someone, then it won't do. Linx & Moore, founded by sisters Gina Eckstein and Ivette Helfend, allows customers to create their own glass lockets with birthstones, silver, and gold charms that shines for any occasion.

Miley Cyrus' agent gave the Hannah Montana star her own see-through locket and reportedly, Cyrus loved it so much that she now gives them as gifts. In celebration of her famous family, Jennifer Garner received her personalized heart with Ben and Violet Affleck's initials. As the sisters explain in their slogan, why follow trends when you can create them?

Splurge On Smokes
What's an ideal gift for nearly any celebrity to receive as a way to relax from their never-ending work schedules? Forget tickets to St. Croix or the French Riviera. How about the most expensive produced cigars retailing at $15,000 a box? His Majesty's Reserve, a luxurious smoking line from Gurkha Cigars, is made from the priciest cognac with an aged wrapper from the Dominican Republic that holds a secret blend of tobaccos from around the world.

Gurkha Cigars were recently sent to Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey as a congratulations present for the arrival of their children. Tyson Beckford was also seen smoking a Gurkha Cigar at the 5W Summer Soiree. Even New York Yankees players Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter enjoy winding down with a Gurkha, created centuries ago by colonial soldiers whom couldn't get enough of India's beloved tobacco. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Give a Great Glow
Having a baby can be a joyous, life-changing experience, but even celebrities must deal with the unwanted signs of motherhood. Stretch marks, acne, and swollen feet are some of the many side affects of pregnancy that are irritating, but often unavoidable. However, if you're a star, finding a safe, gentle regimen for your skin is one the best gifts you can receive before the baby arrives. Belli Skincare, founded by Jason Rubin MD and Annette Rubin in 2002, offers products that feature the pampering benefits of aromatherapy and massage therapy.

Some of its creations include the elasticity belly oil made with lavender and almond oil, and a nursing cream to heal chapped skin from breastfeeding. Rebecca Romijn has recently been spotted in LA's Petit Tresor treating herself to products from Belli's pregnancy line, in time for her reported twin girls with husband Jerry O'Connell. As a rich, beautiful model, why wouldn't you pamper yourself with the "world's safest skincare line?"

Don't Forget The Baby
Celebrities may despise having the paparazzi intruding on their famous newborns, but what parent doesn't want to show off their precious bundles of joy? With the help of some adorable couture, celebrity parents can easily jumpstart the press' interest in their babies and still look runway ready. Antoinette and G.G., best friends and mothers themselves, channeled their love for shopping to create Tuni & G Mommy and Me Clothing for families to wear. Made with soft cotton that feels silky smooth on skin, the clothing line already has some famous mommies on the hunt for a wardrobe collection that expresses how they feel about their children.

Jennifer Lopez's sister Linda purchased a pink and blue onesies for her twin niece and nephew decked with silver nail heads stating, "Don't ya wish your mommy was hot like mine?" Halle Berry made the same purchase for her daughter Nahla, along with a matching "Don't ya wish your daddy was dreamy like mine," in honor of hunky boyfriend and supermodel Gabriel Aubry. Christina Aguilera received a red-hot onesie with "My Mom Rocks!" centered on a large silvery star when she gave birth to her son Max this year. Don't ya wish your babies were cute like these?

Bottle It Up
Every celebrity wants to both look and smell good, but it can be difficult to find a scent that will seduce without stirring your co-star's allergies! That's why the girls behind The Hills, including Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge prefer Essential Stuff, an apothecary style bath and body company with lotions, scrubs, and candles that are hand poured and mixed. Who wouldn't prefer smoothing their skin with apples and pears, or showering with fig and flowers after a long day of work and shopping?

Even Jennifer Aniston, who's currently making news with her breakup with John Mayer, can take a quick getaway right at home with gifts of coconut tea, lemongrass, and orange papaya candles lit in her bedroom. It's been reported that these ladies are loving the sweet scents of honeysuckle pear body scrub and grapefruit gardenia bubble bath. If you're looking for some gift-giving ideas, consider some of Mother Nature's secret weapons.

Bling Is Always In
Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but crystals can sparkle anyone's day. Just ask Beth Eiglarsh, artist to the stars whose been designing custom-made crystal sculptures as gifts before Sarah Jessica Parker created her Swarvoski cell phone craze in Sex and the City. Swarvoski not only glimmers like diamonds, but it can be used to brighten up any home décor or even a basic black outfit. Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger hired Eiglarsh to create a custom belt buckle with his logo on it, while Anna Kournikova stopped in a Miami store and bought a shimmering tennis key ring.

According to Eiglarsh, a prominent plastic surgeon's wife bought her husband a pair of $2,500 crystallized breasts for his 40th birthday. Rubies and sapphires may transform earrings or necklaces into beloved gems, but not everyone can afford a $3,500 bowl of fruit for their newly furnished mansion in Beverly Hills.

Sweets for the Sweet
Nothing can get a party started more than freshly-baked cake and even celebrities can make room for a slice or two. Lilyfield Cakes satisfies sweet tooths with creamy succulent vanilla and oozing French fudge. However, Lilyfield Cakes are best known for their lavishly decorated hatboxes, reminiscent of the glamour and extravagance of old Hollywood.

The hatboxes, which are decorated in black magic velvet roses, ruby satin orchids, and silky white daisies make Halle Berry, Renee Zellweger, and Eva Longoria forget about their gorgeous figures just for some sugar. Plus, each cake arrives with fresh flowers adorning it, and many are accompanied with Jaqua spa products. It's no wonder that Lilyfield Cakes were happily accepted by all of the 2008 Oscar nominees as presents. In Hollywood, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Security Blanket
Linus from the Peanuts gang was never seen without his precious blue blanket that he holds dearly over his shoulder while sucking his thumb. Some celebrity toddlers have their own blankets that accompany them wherever they go and because of their status, they can afford something better than a used rag. For eight years, Little Giraffe has captivated celeb-babies as the ultimate gift of luxury: comfy, cuddly-soft blankets that easily relaxes children during hectic days of traveling and meeting crowds of strangers.

From Gwyneth Paltrow's Apple in England to Nicole Richie's Harlow in Los Angeles, these babies need their supple, plush blankets for warmth and a good night sleep. Suri Cruise loves her Little Giraffe blanket so much that she makes news just carrying it along in New York City and Germany.

Story by Stephanie Nolasco
Starpulse contributing writer