From a queen to teens to a pint-size singing siren and golden themes, this year's American Music Awards, which took place Nov. 18 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, was yet another star-studded event. A few of the celebrity fashions also left us here at Starpulse with a few notes of our own to sing and shriek about.

Stand Alone Diva:

Music phenomenon Alicia Keys definitely had us singing her praises. She was a sun-kissed vision of beauty with flawless make-up. Her slightly smokey eyes with pouty pink lips, rosy cheeks and soft dropping curls left us wanting more, and more we got. Keys donned a shimmery black number with a strappy design on the back to die for, accompanied by equally strappy designer heels. All we want to say is, you do wear it well, indeed, Ms. Keys!

Teens On The Scene:

We definitely love to see teens dressing their age who enjoy Hollywood success without getting too carried away. Two hot chicas who are able to keep it sexy without showing too much skin are Miley Cyrus ("Hannah Montana") and Vanessa Hudgens ("High School Musical").

Miley sported a strapless red mini dress with a slight a-symmetry at the bottom. Her make-up was minimal with a bit of lip gloss to perk those lips up. She topped the look off with beautiful blonde highlights, which went well with her quilted gold colored clutch and snazzy gold bracelets.

Vanessa also showed off her metallic beauty in a pair of oh-so-girly strappy heels that looked as if they were dancing up her legs. Can you blame them? Her golden outfit had a touch of whimsy with a glittery half-moon pin at the front. With that golden cuff on her arm and those wavy black tendrils, lady "V" was definitely set for a musical night.

Singing Sirens:

Singing sirens always impress us here at Starpulse. Whether they are pint-size divas like Ms. Fergie Ferg herself, or the only queen in Hollywood, Ms. Queen Latifah. They enrapture us with their dynamic personality and, of course, fashion sense.

Fergie we 'love you long time,' especially in that simple retro inspired mini-dress. We are feeling totally at mod with Fergie. We love the mini bows detail working their way up the neck of the dress. Simplicity is best kept with black two-piece pumps with a bit of an accent on the heel. Her look is topped with a swirl design golden bracelet on her wrist.

Again, golden accents are all the rage when it comes to accessories in Hollywood these days.

Queen Latifah also wore a slew of gold bracelets with matching gold earrings. Welcome to the jungle baby! The Queen showed off her animalistic side with her leopard dress, and oooh is that a bra we see? Peek-a-boo! Sexy mama. Make-up? Flawless! Skin? Amazing! Lips? Kiss me now! We need not say anymore. Just look at the photo.

Bands Who Rock Together, Dress Together:

Daugherty was a vision in perfectly organized blacks and grays, demonstrating that boys who rock out together can definitely mesh on the fashion tip without looking boy band matchy matchy. Yes! That is a word. Matchy matchy! At least for the purposes of this article.

The members of Duran Duran are ageless and always manage to look great wherever they go. Forget the girls; we really enjoy seeing these boys on film instead.

Who would you like to be marooned on an island with? Maroon 5 is our pick. The boys look dashing in their individual suits. Of course, we do see one defiant in the group wearing jeans, but they all look so good together we don't even care. After all, every band needs a rebel.

The Not-So-Good Side:

In case you were wondering, yes, Diana Ross does have a twin sister. Her name is Solange Knowles. Can someone please tell us what Solange was thinking when she went out in this get-up? Actually, let us re-phrase that. What was she thinking when she looked at herself in the mirror? Because you should do that before you leave your home in any outfit. It looks as if someone went the fabric store, bought a whole lot of it and wrapped it around her with a belt. And the hair. Oh! What a head of hair! Satin fuchsia shoes to boot? We are shocked that she is even posing so confidently.

Calling Rainbow Brite! Calling Rainbow Brite! 'No, no, no my name is Avril Lavigne.' It's understandable that the now-married rocker is trying to keep her youthful look from when she first came onto the music scene a few years ago; however, why did she have to go and make things so "Complicated" with this outfit? We just don't get it. A copper dress with black pumps? Those shoes are so ugly, they make her look like she's ready for the office. One word Avril - stylist! As for the hair, we'll let you comment on that one on your own.

There is a possibility that Rihanna and Akon are trying to rule the world. Perhaps we are reading too much into their outfits, but the last time we checked neither one of them had a military background.

Which leaves us wondering, what was up with the shield Rihanna had on at the awards? She looked as if she was ready for battle, gloves and all. We are at peace with you, Rihanna, please lower your defenses. Well, first can you find another outfit?

Rihanna's counterpart was dressed like a Russian czar in that heavy coat. Correct us if we are wrong, but Los Angeles has not been that cold lately to wear such gear. We simply want to 'smack that' coat off of Akon's back.

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Fashion review by Doshka Harvey
Starpulse contributing writer