Halloween is upon us once again. In Hollywood, you have those celebrities who continue to impress up with their freaky goodness, while others make it a habit of scaring the living daylights out of us with their bad freakiness.

Good Freaky

Beyonce was certainly looking darling at The New House of Dereon celebration held at Bloomingdale's on October 28. That little black dress is a definite 'freakum dress' if you ask us. And, those Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are way fierce Ms. Sasha Fierce.

Amy Adams added many spots of color to the red carpet in this colorful dress worn to the 12th Annual Hollywood Film Festival Award Show held on October 27. We love how girly and confident she appears. The super long and straight tendrils on her are to die for.

It's three in a tux deluxe, which equals The Jonas Brothers. Looking handsomely savvy, we adore how the brothers decided to be in sync for The 30th Anniversary Carousel of Hope Ball held on October 25. Take note of how, even though they are matching perfectly, they've each added their own touch of individuality. Not all bow ties necessarily flock together, and we like it that way.

Way Bad Freaky

Jessica Simpson looked a bit uncomfortable at the Macy's 150th birthday celebration held in New York City on October 28. We reckon if she were to uncross her arms, she may end up fly fly flying away in that coat of hers.

Who does Colin Farrell think he is sporting that mop of hair? It is and was a disaster to view at the premiere of his movie "Pride and Glory" held in Rome on October 28. Is it black? Is it red? Is it gray? 'Holy hair dilemmas Batman, we just don't know. And, what do you make of the earring Batman?' 'Oh, Robin, I definitely don't want to know.'

This is Andre J. If you know anything about the world of fashion, then you'll know that if it's a fashionably happening event Andre J will most likely be there and will never be looking his best. Case in point, his rainbow delight…umm we mean disaster, worn to the 2008 Willow Awards Gala and Benefit Bash held on October 28. Let the picture speak for itself please! Or shall we say, freak for itself.

Story by Doshka Harvey
Starpulse.com contributing writer