The Golden Globe Awards occurred on Sunday, January 11, 2009. Some celebrities took to the red carpet displaying their best party ready gear, while others should have thought twice before saying 'yes' to the dress.

Best Dressed

Kate Beckinsale is usually on point when it comes to her red carpet frocks. On Golden Globe night, it was no different. She stunned us in an amazing white dress which hugged her curves perfectly and had amazing flower like detailing at the bosom. Her oversized chandelier earrings and bracelet on one hand kept the entire look clean and simple.

Call her little princess, if you must, because that is exactly how Miley Cyrus appeared on the red carpet. Always dressing so age appropriate, Miss Cyrus opted for a long and flowly empire waist dress. The fitted portion of the dress was adorned with massive gold flower prints which were delightful. Playing along with the style of her outfit, she opted for sensuous flowing locks going down her shoulders with minimal make-up.

Only Eva Mendes could pull off an oversized bow like the one on her gown. Big and bigger seemed to be her theme and it worked - big bow and big jewelry. One could spot that amazing necklace from a mile away and with good reason - it is gorgeous. And, the lady does wear it so well as she does everything else. Effortlessly graceful elegance!

Worst Dressed

What is the deal with supermodels not working it on the red carpet when it comes to fashion? Fashion is basically a models job. A model should always know how to stand out at an event, but for the right reasons. Heidi Klum stood out indeed at the Golden Globes, but that's only because she was trying so hard with those extra red lips and that blindingly red oversized rosette on the side of her dress. The shoes, honestly, should have been saved for a night at the club or dominatrix night.

Haven't we seen this look on Jennifer Lopez before, more or less? Been there, done that Jennifer. Not every event is cause to wear a plunging neckline and backless dress. There are other styles out there. This dress is shapeless and boring. We suppose the gold color was a play on the fact that she was attending the Golden Globes? Soooo not original.

Calling Mae West! Calling Mae West! Our bad, that's Renee Zellweger in a disastrous black number. This frock looks a bit too fitted on her and makes her appear stiff. Adding to the matter is that tumultuous hair. What's going on there? We were almost expecting her to break out in Vaudevillian song. Tragic!

What do you think of these red carpet looks? Make a comment!

Story by Doshka Harvey contributing writer

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