It is said that blonds have more fun, and this might be true; however, what about their sense of fashion? When it comes to the Hollywood scene, it is clear that some blonds are fashion savvy while others, not so much. Here are a few ladies who have that blond ambition fashion "it" factor and some who just don't have a clue.

Think So

It is nice to see Maria Sharapova in something other than a tennis outfit. She certainly knows how to work a red carpet. The orange mini dress she sported at the 2008 US Open USTA Heineken Premium Light Official Players Party on August 22 was perfect. Her tie front pumps were the cutest compliment to her outfit.

Ashley Tisdale is a definite red carpet fashion diva. Does this girl ever look bad? We think not! At the Los Angeles premiere of the movie "The House Bunny" held on August 20, Ashley rocked the high waisted pencil skirt look like a pro. Those pink peep-toe heels add that extra touch of girlyness. How divine!

It was legs 'r' us for Christina Moore at the "90210" premiere party held on August 23. Now that's how you rock a mini dress. The two-toned color of the frock looks amazing on her. Those strappy stilettos are dangerous...dangerously hot!!!

Think Not

Tara Reid was a backless 'wonder' at a Christian Audigier trade show held at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino on August 26. Actually, that would be a 'wandering' disaster. If you can't wear pink the right way, then you should not wear it at all, Tara.

Call in the pink fashion police. We've found another victim at "The House Bunny" premiere. Is there any reason in particular why Alana Curry looked as if she were ready to attend a prom? It's not very flattering for a grown woman to appear a teenage girl.

At the same event as Alana Curry, playmate Holly Madison was certainly playing her part. There are so many "things" wrong with this picture; we don't even know where to begin. And it's not just the dress...hint, hint.

What do you think of these blond beauties and their fashion style? Make a comment!

Story by Doshka Harvey contributing writer