Happy Birthday to rapper T.I. (1980), "Queer as Folk" actor Hal Sparks (1971), Ween guitarist Dean Ween (1970), "Entrapment" actress Catherine Zeta-Jones (1969), "I Am Legend" star Will Smith (1968), "The Sopranos" actress Aida Turturro (1962), "Spin City" actress Heather Locklear (1961), "Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2" actor Michael Madsen (1958), "Happy Days" actor Anson Williams (1952), "Somewhere in Time" actor Christopher Reeve (1952; d. 2004), "Star Wars" star Mark Hamill (1951), English actress Felicity Kendal (1946), "Romancing the Stone" actor Michael Douglas (1944), classical pianist Glenn Gould (1932; d. 1982), humorist Shel Silverstein (1930; d. 1982), "The View" anchor Barbara Walters (1929), "The Green Berets" actor Aldo Ray (1926; d. 1991), baseball player and announcer Phil "Scooter" Rizzuto (1918), abstract-expressionist Mark Rothko (1903; d. 1970), and author William Faulkner (1897; d. 1962).

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