Happy Birthday to:

Actress Taraji P. Henson (1970)

Canadian hockey player Mike Comrie (aka 'Mr. Hilary Duff') (1980)

Jurassic Park actress Ariana Richards (1979)

Chimaira drummer Andols Herrick (1979)

Singer/songwriter Ben Lee (1978)

Coldplay guitarist Jon Buckland (1977)

Rapper / actor Ludacris (1977)

Jamaican dancehall musician Elephant Man (1976)

The Verve singer Richard Ashcroft (1971)

Letters to Cleo singer Kay Hanley (1968)

New Orleans singer Harry Connick, Jr. (1967)

Techno icon Moby (1965)

Bassist Victor Wooten (1964)

Actress Kristy McNichol (1962)

Actress Elizabeth Daily (1962)

Sideways actress Virginia Madsen (1961)

Gilmore Girls Actor Scott Patterson (1958)

Star Trek Actress Roxann Dawson (1958)

Robocop actor Felton Perry (1945)

Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart (1943)

Film director Brian de Palma (1940)


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