Happy Birthday to:

Reality TV star/aspiring model Kendall Jenner (1995)

Singer Paula DeAnda (1989)

Model Gemma Ward (1987)

Singer Jermaine Jones (1986)

Actress Julie Marie Berman (1983)

Actor Dolph Lundgren (1957)

Director Gary Ross (1956)

Sportscaster Phil Simms (1955)

Rocker Adam Ant (1954)

Comedian Dennis Miller (1953)

Actress Kate Capshaw (1953)

Comedienne Roseanne Barr (1952)

Singer Lulu (1948)

Actor Tom Savini (1946)

Composer John Barry (1934)

Actor Jeremy Brett (1933; d. 1995)

Actor Ken Berry (1933)

Actress Lois Smith (1930)

Actor Charles Bronson (1921; d. 2003)



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