Happy Birthday to:

Actress Reese Witherspoon (1976)

Actress Tania Raymonde (1988)

Actress Kellie Shanygne Williams (1976)

Actor Cole Hauser (1975)

Actress Anne Dudek (1975)

Actor Will Yun Lee (1971)

Actor Matthew Modine (1959)

Actress/singer Stephanie Mills (1957)

Swedish actress Lena Olin (1956)

British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (1948)

Jazz guitarist George Benson (1943)

Swiss actor Bruno Ganz (1941)

British singer/songwriter Roger Whittaker (1936)

Character actor M. Emmet Walsh (1935)

Actor William Shatner (1931)

Composer Stephen Sondheim (1930)

French mime Marcel Marceau (1923; d. 2007)

Actor Karl Malden (1912; d. 2009)

Marx Brother Chico Marx (1887; d. 1961)



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