Happy Birthday to:

Actor Peter Dinklage (1969)

Actor Eugene Simon (1992)

Canadian actor Joshua Jackson (1978)

Actor Ryan Dunn (1977; d. 2011)

Actor Shane Meier (1977)

Actor Matt McGrath (1969)

Actor Hugh Laurie (1959)

Retired NFL quarterback Joe Montana (1956)

Actor Peter Bergman (1953)

Air Supply vocalist Graham Russell (1950)

ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard (1949)

Actress Christina Crawford (1939)

Actress Adrienne Barbeau (1936)

Actor Chad Everett (1936; d. 2012)

Actor Gene Wilder (1933)

British actor Richard Todd (1919; d. 2009)

German actor Max Schreck (1879; d. 1936)

German composer Richard Strauss (1864; d. 1949)



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