Happy Birthday to:

Singer Courtney Love (1964)

Actress Georgie Henley (1995)

Actor/singer Mitchel Musso (1991)

Actress Kiely Williams (1986)

Actress Lucia Micarelli (1983)

Actor Toby Kebbell (1982)

Model Suzanne Stokes (1979)

Actress Linda Park (1978)

Actor Fred Savage (1976)

The White Stripes star Jack White (1975)

Actor David O'Hara (1965)

Actress Kelly McGillis (1957)

Actor Tom Hanks (1956)

DJ / Pianist John Tesh (1952)

Actor Jimmy Smits (1955)

Alleged murderer O.J. Simpson (1947)

AC/DC singer Bon Scott (1946; d. 1980)

Actor Richard Roundtree (1942)

Actor Brian Dennehy (1938)



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