Happy Birthday to:

Actor Charlie Day (1976)

Actor Jimmy Bennett (1996)

Actor Avan Jogia (1992)

Actress Camille Winbush (1990)

Actor Tyson Houseman (1990)

Singer Gia Farrell (1989)

Actress Rachel Melvin (1985)

Actor David Gallagher (1985)

Japanese pop star Ami Suzuki (1982)

Actor Tom Hiddleston (1981)

Actress Ziyi Zhang (1979)

Model Amber Valletta (1974)

Soap opera star Sharon Case (1971)

Country musician Travis Tritt (1963)

Actor Charles Shaughnessy (1955)

Actor Jim J. Bullock (1955)

Actor Ciaran Hinds (1953)

Actress Judith Light (1949)

Actress Mia Farrow (1945)

Actor Joe Pesci (1943)

Singer/songwriter Carole King (1942)

Actress Kathryn Grayson (1922)

"Brazilian Bombshell" Carmen Miranda (1909; d. 1955)



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