Happy Birthday to writer Lemony Snicket (1970), actor Robert Sean Leonard (1969), Canadian actress Rae Dawn Chong (1961), actress/model Dorothy Stratten (1960; d. 1980), "The Big Lebowski" actor John Turturro (1957), comedian Gilbert Gottfried (1955), theater and film actress Mercedes Ruehl (1948), singer/actress Bernadette Peters (1948), writer/director Mike Figgis (1948), actress Stephanie Beacham (1947), football player-turned-actor Bubba Smith (1945), "Gilmore Girls" actress Kelly Bishop (1944), Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones (1942; d. 1969), "WKRP in Cincinnati" actor Frank Bonner (1942), Tony Award-winning actor/dancer Tommy Tune (1939), "Love Boat" captain Gavin MacLeod (1930), "Rescue Me" actor Charles Durning (1923), stage and screen actor Zero Mostel (1915; d. 1977), comedienne/actress Billie Bird (1908; d. 2002), gangster Ben "Bugsy" Siegel (1906; d. 1947), and director Vincente Minnelli (1903; d. 1986).

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