Happy Birthday to:

Actress Heather Morris (1987)

Reality TV star Lauren Conrad (1986)

Outkast half Big Boi (1975)

Actress Michael C. Hall (1971)

Jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman (1969)

Rock royalty Lisa Marie Presley (1968)

Comedian Pauly Shore (1968)

Martial arts actor Brandon Lee (1965; d. 1993)

Actress Sherilyn Fenn (1965)

Actor Linus Roache (1964)

Actor Bill Mumy (1954)

Heartbreaker Mike Campbell (1950)

Singer Rick James (1948; d. 2004)

Actress Elisabeth Sladen (1948)

Actor Sherman Hemsley (1938; d. 2012)

SNL alum Garrett Morris (1937)

Everly Brothers half Don Everly (1937)

Gospel singer George Beverly Shea (1909)

Actor Clark Gable (1901; d. 1960)



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