Happy Birthday to:

Ukrainian actress Milla Jovovich (1975)

Actor Nat Wolff (1994)

Actress Ashley Edner (1990)

Actress Vanessa Zima (1986)

Actress Emma Bell (1986)

Supermodel Emily Scott (1983)

Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao (1978)

Actor Steve Zissis (1975)

Singer Bree Sharp (1975)

Actor Giovanni Ribisi (1974)

Actress Sarah Paulson (1974)

Actress Laurie Holden (1972)

Actor Sean Patrick Thomas (1970)

Singer Tracy Byrd (1966)

Director Peter Farrelly (1956)

Actor Bill Pullman (1953)

Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers (1949)

Actor Wes Studi (1947)

Actor Eugene Levy (1946)

Actor Ernie Hudson (1945)

Actor Bernard Hill (1944)

Bluesman Paul Butterfield (1942; d. 1987)

Singer Gordon Lightfoot (1938)

Actor George Lindsey (1935)



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