Happy Birthday to:

Actor Ty Simpkins (2001)

Model Marisa Miller (1978)

Model Adrianne Curry (1982)

Actress Soleil Moon Frye (1976)

Actress Melissa George (1976)

Actress Ever Carradine (1974)

Actress Vera Farmiga (1973)

Actress Merrin Dungey (1971)

Spice Girl Geri Halliwell (1972)

Film director M. Night Shyamalan (1970)

Singer/songwriter Elliot Smith (1969; d. 2003)

Actress Michelle Yeoh (1962)

Actress Stepfanie Kramer (1956)

Actress Catherine Hicks (1951)

Actor Dorian Harewood (1950)

Actor Paul Bartel (1938; d. 2000)

English actress Barbara Windsor (1937)

Jazz singer Abbey Lincoln (1930)

Actress Ella Raines (1921)

Actor Robert Mitchum (1917; d. 1997)

Actress Lucille Ball (1911; d. 1989)



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