Happy Birthday to:

Country singer LeAnn Rimes (1982)

Actor / rapper Kyle Massey (1991)

Florence and the Machine singer Florence Welch (1986)

Canadian actress Carly Pope (1980)

Actor Matthew John Armstrong (1973)

Kung Fu Panda star Jack Black (1969)

Beverly Hills, 90210 star Jason Priestley (1969)

Scottish actor Billy Boyd (1968)

Canadian country singer Shania Twain (1965)

Actress Amanda Tapping (1965)

Actress & mother of Stifler Jennifer Coolidge (1963)

Director David Fincher (1962)

Daytime actress Emma Samms (1960)

Home Alone star Daniel Stern (1957)

Puerto Rican actor Luis Guzmán (1956)

Actor David Soul (1943)

Velvet Underground guitarist Sterling Morrison (1942; d. 1995)

Actor Ben Gazzara (1930)


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