Happy Birthday to Australian actress Tammin Sursock and singer Missy Higgins (1983), "The Upside of Anger" actress Erika Christensen (1982), "House" actress Jennifer Morrison (1979), Relient K drummer Dave Douglas (1979), actress Tracie Thoms (1975), British actor Callum Blue (1973), rapper Nate Dogg (1969), "Friends" star Matthew Perry (1969), country star Lee Ann Womack (1966), "The Closer" star Kyra Sedgwick (1965), Europe singer Joey Tempest (1963), "Full House" actor John Stamos (1963), actor Adam Arkin (1956), "The O.C." actor Peter Gallagher (1955), "Star Trek TNG" actor Jonathan Frakes (1952), Queen bassist John Deacon (1951), actor Gerald McRaney (1948), 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton (1946), Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan (1945), US senator/actor Fred Thompson (1942), actress Jill St. John (1940), Singer Johnny Nash (1940), Cream drummer Ginger Baker (1939), "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry (1921; d. 1991), silver screen star Alfred Lunt (1892; d. 1977), actress Elsie Ferguson (1883; d. 1961), French designer Coco Chanel (1883; d. 1971), and aviation pioneer Orville Wright (1871)

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