Happy Birthday to:

Actor Robert Downey Jr. (1965)

Actress Jamie Lynn Spears (1991)

Canadian Actress Sarah Gadon (1987)

Razorlight singer Johnny Borrell (1980)

Actor Heath Ledger (1979; d. 2008)

Actress Natasha Lyonne (1979)

Actor James Roday (1976)

R&B Singer Kelly Price (1973)

Illusionist David Blaine (1973)

Soul singer Jill Scott (1972)

Actress Lisa Ray (1972)

Buckcherry singer Josh Todd (1971)

Actor Barry Pepper (1970)

Actress Nancy McKeon (1966)

Actor / Comedian David Cross (1964)

Actor Hugo Weaving (1960)

TV producer David E. Kelley (1956)

Actor Casey Biggs (1955)

Actress Julie Carmen (1954)

Blues guitarist Gary Moore (1952; d. 2011)

Actress Christine Lahti (1950)

Dire Straits drummer Pick Withers (1948)

Actor Craig T. Nelson (1944)

Psycho star Anthony Perkins (1932; d. 1992)

Music producer Clive Davis (1932)

Composer Elmer Bernstein (1922; d. 2004)

Blues legend Muddy Waters (1915; d. 1984)



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