Happy Birthday to:

Actress Emma Watson (1990)

Actress Maisie Williams (1997)

Actress Madeleine Martin (1993)

Swedish singer Amy Diamond (1992)

Actor Seth Rogen (1982)

Actress Susan Ward (1976)

Actor Danny Pino (1974)

Actor Flex Alexander (1970)

British singer Samantha Fox (1966)

4 Non Blondes singer Linda Perry (1965)

Actor Thomas F. Wilson (1959)

Actress Emma Thompson (1959)

Actor Glenn Shadix (1952)

Film composer Michael Kamen (1948; d. 2003)

Actress Lois Chiles (1947)

Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore (1945)

Welsh blues rocker Dave Edmunds (1944)

Actor Robert Walker (1940)

Actress Elizabeth Montgomery (1933; d. 1995)

Hee-Haw host Roy Clark (1933)

Actor Hans Conreid (1917; d. 1982)

Blues singer Bessie Smith (1894; d. 1937)



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