After a ‘Rock Solid’ victory last week, the Women of ‘Tenacity’ hope to score a win on this week’s Kodak sponsored task. The assignment is to create a storefront experience for Kodak and re-launch Kodak Moments. Rod Blagojevich pimps Sinbad into being Project Manager for the men’s team, and Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis will take on the role for the women’s team.

Maria jumps right in with wrestling ideas and a lot of energy. Sharon Osbourne, on the other hand is sidelined due to illness. Cyndi wins points for naming the experience “Share Kodak Moments: Celebrate the Champion in You” before she is sent off to pick up props with Summer Sanders. This proves to be a wise decision for two reasons. First, it enables the women to plan a cohesive experience by the time Don Jr. checks in and secondly, it gives us the great visual of Cyndi Lauper carrying a huge red carpet across the street in NYC. By the way, what’s up with everyone calling Cyndi “special” and running away from her hilariously random stories?

The planning over at Rock Solid is completely chaotic, with pretty much everyone agreeing that Sinbad is an unfocused motor mouth. Bret Michaels somehow takes Sinbad’s lack of leadership as a personal attack and begs for direction before going off to sulk. His reality-TV editor issues and the fear that he’ll be made to look lazy on the show compel him to go back to his team and resume the begging. Things are a little better when everyone goes outside and takes pictures jumping on each other, which will be shared at the event the next day. Beyond that, Sinbad’s plan is for the celebrities to stand against a wall and take pictures with shoppers, Rod has the brilliant idea to bring in some balloons, and that’s about it.

The day of the task begins with the men’s team waiting for Bret, who’s always late. Rod and Sinbad fill the time discussing the merits of balloons and leave without the sleeping rocker. Meanwhile, Sharon Osbourne is back in action and team Tenacity hits the ground running. Cyndi Lauper is rocking another tremendously absurd get-up and a hairstyle of many neon colors as she rolls out the red carpet. Summer learns talking points for the product and the others put up signage. Overall, PM Maria looks like she’s doing a really good job.  

Sinbad on the other hand, not so much. Bret rolls in on “rocker time” and apologizes. Rod delights in the arrival of the goldenrod balloons that match Kodak’s branding. Sadly, this is not a distinguishing feature of the Rock Solid event as we see that Tenacity has the same balloons in their space. Also, Tenacity does not have a blank wall in their space like Rock Solid, who is dealing with Sinbad’s miscommunication with the printer.  Of course, in true ‘Apprentice’ style, the banner arrives five minutes before the event begins and everyone breathes a big sigh of relief.

Maria welcomes people to have their celebrity moment and kicks off the Tenacity event. The experience they’ve set up begins with a photo op with Cyndi Lauper on the red carpet. Then shoppers go through the store and can take a picture wearing a championship belt in a wrestling ring, learn to use the product, eat a cupcake with Sharon Osbourne, and finally, pick up their photos with the celebs. Also, WWE superstar Mark Henry is there. Aside from Sharon Osbourne coughing up her lungs all over the cupcakes, things look pretty good for the ladies.

The men’s team is less organized but the stations set up for the celebrities look pretty good. Rod doesn’t realize that a picture with a disgraced governor does not a Kodak Moment make (whether or not you mistake him for Donny Osmond). Luckily Sinbad does and assigns Rod to take pictures of shoppers with the other “celebrities” on the team. Unfortunately, he fails to assign someone to greet visitors and guide them through the experience. This results in Kodak’s “Secret Shoppers” walking  away from the event without the cards they would need to retrieve their photos from the Kodak website.

The ladies of Tenacity’s decision to print the pictures on-site for shoppers to pick up after cupcakes and product tutorials comes with it’s own set of challenges.  The power blows and everything needs to be rebooted several different times, causing major back-ups at the photo pick-up station. Cyndi does her part to keep the crowd happy and initiates a “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” sing-along. I’m totally loving Cyndi’s impromptu Greatest Hits sing-alongs, and just hope the “Time After Time” task is coming soon!

After Trump speaks to the Kodak executives, he brings everyone into the boardroom. Maria loves her team, Sharon was the weak player because she was sick, and Cyndi shares a long-winded, meandering revelation about the task and her role as a hooker. “Huh?” was pretty much the reaction all around. Trump moves on to the men after that delightful moment in the whirring mind of Cyndi Lauper. Sinbad says his team was great, the celebrity moments were big crowd pleasers, and Rod loves balloons.

Don Jr. and Ivanka share the feedback they got from the Kodak executives and “Secret Shoppers” before Sr. Trump announces that Tenacity was the winning team, Maria will get $20,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Summer has a job at Kodak if she wants one.

The guys can’t believe they lost, especially Goldberg who is overwhelmed by the star power on his team. (Excuse me while I roll my eyes) Once they get over the initial shock, everyone agrees that Sinbad’s lack of leadership is to blame for the loss. Bret’s mini-meltdown is rehashed ,and he and Sinbad both sound ridiculous. Rod manages to sound ridiculous as well, giving an overly political answer when Trump asks for his opinion. Sharon remarks that Rod’s eyes are too close together and he looks half baked. 

Sinbad decides to bring Bret and Rod back into the boardroom, and the other guys go back to the suite. Bret makes his case first, saying that Sinbad was a good leader but was “discombooberated.”  Rod babbles and Sinbad talks fast without saying much of anything. The Donald decides the discombooberated PM has to go and fires Sinbad.

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Story by Elissa Farkas

Starpulse contributing writer