Celebrities Whose Stars Have Been Vandalized

It isn't easy being a celebrity, and sometimes, this is even true indirectly. When you are not having to walk around with paparazzi cameras being shoved in your face, the next thing you know you are being told that your hard-earned star in the Hollywood walk of fame has been vandalized!

For a life of fortune and glam, it has been proven that there is definitely an ugly side as well. Nothing is kept a secret from the public, and the public who take offense are not ones to hold their tongues, nor their artistic freedom.

Take a look at these celebrities who have had their stars vandalized for various reasons. Enjoy:

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olson:

MKAstarMary-Kate & Ashley's star is located on the north side of the 6800 block of Hollywood Boulevard.

In response to the infamous Full House twins, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olson has been criticized by various animal rights activist groups for their choice in fur clothing. In an attack, their star had been defaced with the title of 'Fur Hags.' It is unknown if anyone correlated to PETA has done this. However, PETA has claimed that they had nothing to do with the defacing. The twins received their star in 2004.

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