Early this year Miley Cyrus was mistaken for a 40-year old woman while she was out with her younger sister. She was approached by a saleswoman who mistook her for a middle-aged mother and tried to sell her anti-wrinkle cream. Like that saleswoman, we've all looked at a certain celebrity and guessed their age based on their appearance. Then we look them up on Wikipedia and find out that they're younger than we initially thought they were. Some celebrities are young enough to be in college, but they look old enough to be in a retirement home. Whether it's past drug and alcohol use, premature graying, or dressing older than their age, something is causing these celebrities to look older than their actual age.

Lindsay Lohan

Actual Age: 23 Perceived Age: 43

It was reported last month that Lindsay Lohan's skin is prematurely aging due to her excessive partying, tanning, and drug and alcohol use. Cosmetic surgeons say that she has the skin of a middle-aged woman. Lindsay is only 23 years old, but her pale skin, forehead wrinkles, and freckles that are turning to liver spots have made her look twice her age. She looks like she could be Dina Lohan's mother. No wonder she and Samantha Ronson are always breaking up. Samantha doesn't want to have a long-term relationship with a senior citizen.

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