As a celebrity, the release of a sex tape is essentially a roll of the dice. You can either win big or lose your house on the gamble. A popular sex tape can turn B and C listers into A listers just like Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. A great sex tape can also turn a little bit of fame into a lot of fame (see Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian).

However, if the sex tape is bad or if the celebrity in the sex tape comes across as odd and/or creepy (ahem, Dustin Diamond), they can make everyone wish that they had never heard of that celebrity and never enjoyed any of their prior work. It certainly makes everyone want to claw their eyes out in an attempt to pretend that they never saw a random fallen star in a compromising position.

Check out our list of the Dirty Dozen celebrities (or pairings of celebrities) we'd like to see in a sex tape.

12) Brooke Hogan

Reason: Hogan enjoys living life as a tanned reality television star. We would love to see where her tan lines (if any) are.

Proposed Title: Brookeamania!

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