Welcome to our weekly collection of Celebrity Twitterings, known as 'Celebs Tweet!' As usual, we have our roundup of celebrity stupidity via Twitter. So let's waste no time getting right into it.

Jimmy Kimmel hosts an epic lip-synch-off with some special guests!

Tina Fey suffers a wardrobe malfunction, but makes the best of it on SNL.

Kanye and Jimmy Kimmel start an epic rap feud over...pretty much nothing. Check out our coverage of the event here.

Joan Rivers, being Joan Rivers.

A very Amell-iorative first take for a CW Advertisement.

Robin Williams hosts an AMA on Reddit! You're a little late to the party, but you can find the thread in the link here, if you're a redditing sort.

And finally, Daniels and Carrey make a triumphant return in Dumb and Dumber To - a proper Dumb and Dumber sequel.