Welcome to our weekly Twitter roundup - Celebrities Tweet. This week on Celebs Tweet, we start off watching manly-man Terry Crews strut his stuff with some impressive footwork. The man can dance, for sure. And he has a great time doing it, even if he's just going at it solo.

A statue of the god Vomitorius - patron diety of bilesome discharge.

Britney Spears' wildly popular 'Work B!tch' released this week. Could it be Brit's ticket back to the top? You decide. Listen below and then Tweet us to let us know what you think!

Poor Stephen... I would hate to have to tell him it gets worse, but when it comes to Walter White, bad decisions are normative.


It was revealed this week that much-beloved actor Billy Connolly has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. You can read about Parkinson's Disease here or read our editorial on his condition here.

50 Cent does his fans a strange service, by replying to tons of tweets every week. And every week the comments get stranger and stranger. Apparently, 50's got a bunch of kids just aching to be reunited with their millionaire daddy. So we will leave you folks with these wonderful gems.