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Kristen Chenoweth adapts broadway musical Wicked's famous song 'Popular' for a certain US Congressman, in the Latenight Clip of the Week!

Wednesday is #BUMP day. Give someone you love a #BUMP.

Undeniably Adorable.

lwft nadders dat is syoer fun. (I apologize if I offended anyone with that.)

At 40 cents a city block, it's a bargain!

Cher freaks out - we're not really sure over what though.

Clarkson at Sea.

This guy is better at YoYo than most people are at breathing. Think about that.

Motivational Saying of the Week!

The movie in which Harry Style goes fishing for his own ass?

And Shakira gets the Twitpic of the Week award, with little baby Milan in tow. #Cute